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Is My Child Meeting Their Dental Milestones?

September 15, 2021 5:42 pm

There are so many milestones and picture-worthy moments in a child’s life, but have you ever stopped to think about the dental-related milestones that kids achieve? While the exact timeline of each child’s growth and development is unique, here are some common dental milestones that most children will experience.

First Dental Visit

The very first dental visit should happen ideally when a child’s first tooth grows in. If your child turns one year old and none of their teeth have erupted, however, it’s still a good time to schedule their first dental visit. While not as exciting as your child’s first steps and first words, their first dentist appointment is still a big day in your baby’s life!

Losing Their First Tooth

Kids typically start losing their first baby teeth around six or seven years old. This is a memorable time for kids! They often can’t wait to put their baby teeth under their pillow to see how much money they will receive from the Tooth Fairy. We recommend you allow your child’s teeth to fall out when they are ready. Don’t pull them. Instead, encourage your child to gently wiggle their loose tooth with a clean finger or tissue.

Orthodontic Consultation

While many parents bring their children in for orthodontic consultations when they are in their pre-teen or teenage years, orthodontic consultations can be scheduled for kids as young as seven years old. Our team would be happy to assess your child’s smile and recommend if and when they would benefit from orthodontic treatment. Here at Pediatric Dentistry of Princeton, we offer both metal braces and clear aligners.

Getting Their Braces Off

Nothing compares to that feeling of running your tongue over smooth teeth after getting your braces removed! We love helping kids achieve straighter smiles and greater confidence. Be sure to encourage your child to wear their retainer as directed to keep their teeth aligned!

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