Cleanings and Exams

Visiting the dentist for teeth cleanings and dental exams can aid in your child’s oral hygiene success. Whether your child needs their first exam or it’s a routine exam and cleaning, our office is happy to provide pediatric cleanings and exams to every child. To learn more about pediatric cleanings or schedule your child’s pediatric cleaning in Princeton, TX, please give our office a call!

young boy having his teeth examined

What will my child’s exam and cleaning consist of?

Pediatric cleanings and exams are similar to those of adults. During the dental exam, our dentist and hygienist will evaluate your child’s mouth for tooth decay and signs of gum disease. After the exam, the cleaning will take place. During this time, each tooth will be cleaned, polished, and flossed to remove any tartar or plaque present. The evaluation and cleaning can help provide a personalized treatment plan should any dental work be needed.

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When should my child get their first cleaning and exam?

The first pediatric dental exam should occur when the first tooth emerges in your child’s mouth or by their first birthday. As every child’s development and dental milestones are different, whichever event occurs first is when they should visit the dentist. If your child has already had a cleaning and exam before, it’s critical to keep visits routine to establish positive oral hygiene habits and proper brushing and flossing techniques.

dentist talking to a girl sitting in a dental chair

How often does my child need a dental cleaning and exam?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends scheduling pediatric cleanings and exams every six months. But, the dentist may recommend fewer or more visits based on the status of your child’s oral health. Remember, these visits give you a chance to ask any questions or express concerns about your child’s oral health or habits and prevent issues from occurring, so it is best to keep up with them.

Our office also recommends children receive additional preventive services such as fluoride treatments to help protect their smiles even more. To learn more about our Princeton, TX pediatric dental exams and cleaning services, contact our office today!

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